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Thank you for your visit to AcresOfHonor.com

Not able to accept entry's directly on to the guest book at this time. We were being attacked by online spammers (junk mailers) who wish to sell their wares by placing inappropriate material on this guest book. Because of the actions of a few bad apples, If you would like to add your entry into the guest book, please send entry / text to; Info@AcresOfHonor.com and it will be posted asap. Just send your name, e-mail address, location (city & state), country and most of all, your comment... it will be appreciated by everyone...

Very sorry for the inconvenience, mahalo for your entry & aloha...

Darel Victoria Bohn
12:20:11 4/20/2010
My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in April of 2009. We were able to see all of the beautiful things Hawaii has to offer. We were mostly blessed when we met Brother George at the cemetery and he showed us around and told us very memorable things. My husband and I are to young to remember the war (we are only 40) but we had many of our family members who are strong military stationed there that were involved at Pearl Harbor and Iwagima (spelling). Such a beautiful and memorable journey we made and are ready to return. Brother George was such a blessing to us and we think of him daily. Thank you so much for all you do at the cemetery and thank you for sharing your beautiful caring and loving Ohana with us.

The Bohn's
Victoria & Darel

Charla Lorenz
23:20:11 5/26/2008
I want to honor my father Bill Lorenz, who was killed May, 1944, in a shipping accident in Oahu. He was in WWII. I visited his grave site in October, 2007 and it was a moving experience for me. I was 2 when he got killed. Since, today is Memorial Day I am honoring him.

Charla in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Clarence L. Clary
19:17:11 4/19/2005
Ww2 USMC Vet I have been fortunate to have visited the Punchbowl and also Arlington Nat. Beautiful serene !!!
In the past few years I have been a part of near 300 Military Rites Funerals. Semper Fidelis

Clarence L. Clary From ILLINOIS, U.S.

Marie Bustamante
23:20:11 4/10/2005
Your Cemetery is Beautiful. My Father was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and recently p####ed away so I was curious.
Marie Bustamante From Antioch, CA,

Marie Bustamante From Calif, USA

Michelle Jones
12:56:53 3/06/2005
My father Robert M. Harrod is buried in plot CT3-L300339. This note is to send him my love.

Michelle Jones From Arlington WA, USA

Annette Grunseth
22:03:02 2/10/2005
We were in Hawaii recently (first and only trip there) and on our fast bus tour of Honolulu, we drove through the beautiful Punchbowl Cemetery. Unfortunately, we were not able to get out and spend time there--I was so hoping to be able to look up my Uncle's Name -- he was MIA in WWII over the Pacific. I never had the honor of knowing him, and his name is engraved in the MIA section. Is it possible to take a photo of the section where his name is, and also a close-up photo of of his name and e-mail it to me? His name is Richard L. Bergh, though my mother tells me, his name was mis-spelled in the engraving and is written as "Berg".

Thank you for this wonderful website--I was delighted to be able to do a more in depth "virtual tour".

Thank you.

Annette G.- Green Bay WI, USA

Annette Grunseth From Green Bay, WI, USA

Larry Snipes
20:17:17 2/03/2005
I am looking to see if you have veteran that might be bnuried there. His name is Audrey Hasty. KIA WWII during the bombing of Pearl Habor. He was ####igned to Scofield Barracks. His mother was my great aunt. I plan to visit the Punch Bowl in April 2005. Thank you

Larry Snipes From Rock Hill< S.C., USA

w.bill norman
16:51:09 1/31/2005
I'm looking for anyone ####igned to the 610 maint.batt. in Zion, or the 94th.maint co.in cu chi.from 1967-1968.

w.bill norman From villa rica,ga., usa

1Lt Robert Magee, USAF
02:12:39 1/09/2005
As I serve the flag, people and Constitution of the US...I listen to stories of a young women who saw her father say goodbye for the last time and go to war. My Mother never had a chance to grow up and enjoy her father's excitement for family, country and God.
I will send her this site; it will help her with the loss of so many years ago, but...if there is a way to get a pic of the James E. Meyer burial site, his daughter and grandson would appreciate it.

God Bless,
Robert Magee

1Lt Robert Magee, USAF From Currently stationed in the UK, UK

Howard Bond
19:04:52 1/02/2005
Stationed in Honolulu 1946 NATSPAC
Hickam Field S2/c Us Navy 280 12 08

Howard Bond From DeLand Fl., United States

JoAnn Atkinson
20:21:50 11/13/2004
I am so happy I discovered your website. My husband's ashes were interned at the Punchbowl on June 23rd of this year. He will always be in my heart and I'm at peace knowing that his ashes are at such a beautiful peacful resting place and that some day I will be at rest with him at our own personal paradise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hawley Atkinson's wife of 29 years JoAnn.

JoAnn Atkinson From Phoenix, AZ

Elizabeth & Hawley Atkinson, Sr.
13:54:54 10/18/2004
Our son's wife and two daughters are flying to Honolulu today to have our son's ashes buried at the Punch Bowl
National Cemetery. We were able to see where he will be, thanks to your website and his father and I just
wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's beautiful.

Bless you,

Elizabeth & Hawley Atkinson, Sr.

Vasko Minaylov
03:15:46 10/17/2004
I visit your site,because i was
introduced with an clever woman
from Honolulu.I take an interest of
Hawaii story.
I like people who respect the past and
your heroes.
Best regards from Bulgaria!

Vasko Minaylov

Sylvia Breaux
19:24:16 10/04/2004
Thank you for taking the time to put this website together. It is beautiful and gives great information.


Sylvia Breaux From California, USA

Gary M. Harders Sr.
07:45:25 8/27/2004
+What a beautiful sit. So many memories as I look at these great pictures. My step father M/Sgt. Clyde Callahan is buried there. In about a year I will be flying over with my Mothers remains to be buried with him.

Gary M. Harders Sr. From Manteno,Illinois, U.S.A.

Betty Arnold (Mrs. Jerald L.) Henderson
03:56:47 7/22/2004
Thank you for this beautiful Website. It helps to ease some of this crushing pain I feel at the loss of my friend, my soulmate, my beloved husband.

In October 2004, I will fly to Honolulu with his remains. After a simple ceremony featuring a military honor guard, his ashes will be inurned at Punchbowl.

During our many visits to the islands, we seldom missed an opportunity to visit Punchbowl where we would stroll along the wall, reading the descriptions of the Pacific battles of WWII. Jerry would talk about those that he actually remembered from his early teen years and would elaborate on what he had since read.

Punchbowl is a place of beauty, history, honor, and serenity. I know that Jerry is smiling down on me knowing that soon he will rest throughout eternity in this place he revered and among America's finest. In the future, my own ashes, in an identical chest, will be placed in the niche alongside his and we will be together again until the end of time.

Jerald Lanty "Jerry" Henderson
Born: Veterans Day (November 11) 1929
Died: Independence Day (July 04) 2004
He was born and he died on days that are precious to our nation. In between those days, his own star shone brightly, endearing him to the fortunate who came to know him.

God bless the United States of America.
God bless Jerry Henderson.

Betty Arnold (Mrs. Jerald L.) Henderson From Bradenton, Florida, USA

Keith Porter
09:52:54 7/13/2004
I visited the Cemetery while in Hawaii. It was a very humbling experience and enlighting. I was unable to locate a name on your wall from WWII. HIs name is John Basilone, he was a marine killed on Iwo Jima and he is buried at Arlington but I thought his name would be posted on the walls of honor.

Keith Porter From Jacksonville, Fl, USA

Kaleo Crafton (Barcena)
20:20:28 7/06/2004
It's been many years since I have visited Punchbowl......Thank You....My Father is Resting there

Kaleo Crafton (Barcena) From Panama City, FL

mary ross moser
20:03:35 6/09/2004
looking for information and or buddies of tommy e. ross cpl. medic . pow n. korea december 1950

mary ross moser From whitehouse, texas, usa

Betty Black
20:39:20 3/25/2004
A beautiful place to rest.

Betty Black From Tampa, FL, USA

Madeleine (Couture) Skrzypczak
17:28:19 3/11/2004
I was 9 years old, living in Maine, when my brother, Andre G. Couture, died in Guam, in WWII. He is buried, to the best of my knowledge, in the National Memorial Cemetery in Hawaii.
I have only seen the cemetery on the internet, and, it sure looks beautiful.
I just wish that you had a site that I could find my brother's grave!
Thank you,

Madeleine (Couture) Skrzypczak From Windsor locks, Hartford

William McCulloch
21:45:08 2/25/2004
While at Naval Supply Center in 1954 had choice of new duty station either Pearl Harbor or Kodiak, Alaska. I chose Kodiak for the hunting and fishing. Finally will get to Pearl via cruise line ship Regal Princess on April 27, 2004. A long wait but feel it will be worth it just to visit the Punchbowl Cemetery.

William McCulloch From Monroeville, Pa., U.S.A.

Larry & Florence Gebur
19:24:56 2/10/2004
I served in the Marine Corps Nov 53 - Nov 56, two years with Marine Detachment, USS Yorktown, CVA-10. Saw Punchbowl in the 50's and again Jan 6, 2004. A beautiful resting place for our commrades who have finished their march. Am trying to locate Maximo Maranan, Waihiawa,Oahu who served with me on the Fighting Lady

Larry & Florence Gebur From Dawson, MN, USA

Jack W Dempsey
23:19:10 1/11/2004
My uncle's name is listed among the many who's names are here. My uncle was a TBM Avenger Pilot who was killed on Jan 16 1943 as he flew his plane attacking enemy targets.His 2 crew members also lost thier lives.May my uncle,and his crew be at peace.Thank you Uncle Jack
for making my time on this earth a better place.My dad
fought in Europe,and was wounded in Belgiem in the battle in the Hurtegen Forest.I fought in Vietnam and was also hurt. My dad and my uncle,who I am named after, are,and will always be my HEROS.Uncle Jack I never met you,but I love you much.Dad I love you much,and I miss you.When my dad died in 1998,either my mom,or my uncle,came to take him to join them.To all who fought worked,and suffered from this terrible war THANK YOU. You all made the world better.God bless you all.

Jack W Dempsey From Colorado


ralph mcnail
14:09:34 11/01/2003
a writer once wrote that there are no gravestones in the sea,but this hallowed ground in the midst of paradise remembers those who are buried in the bosom of the deep.

ralph mcnail From house springs missouri, united states

Stanton H Brightman
12:22:33 11/01/2003
Have visited the site and have seen the same on the Internet. Each experience has been remarkable!

Stanton H Brightman From Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221, United States

kathy Walsh
12:37:38 9/12/2003
the ashes of my second cousin James Joseph Jordan will be buried there this weekend. Sadly, I was never able to visit him when he retired there from his job as a court officer in the Bronx. He was a veteran during the Korean Was and was nearly 70 years old. I hope soon to visit or live in Hawaii and maybe teach reading or Special Education. When I come I will be sure to visit the Punchbowl Cemetary.

kathy Walsh From Albany, New York, usa

Betty Black
22:21:49 6/06/2003
Thank you for photos of this beautiful place. My friend, Joe, is terminally
ill with cancer and sent the web site
so I can see where he will be placed
after cremation.

Betty Black From Tampa, FL, USA

Richard Evan Jackson
15:35:48 5/26/2003
Thank you. I am named after two uncles on the wall of the missing; Richard Lee Jackson and Evan M. Lewis. Does anyone know of a service that could provide photos from the wall?

Richard Evan Jackson From Dallas TX, US

Bernadette KN Kovalsick (Wise)
10:27:33 5/23/2003
My father,Edwin K. Wise, was laid to enternal rest on the 3rd of FEbruary 03. Due to illness I could not attend but family provided me with film of the ceremonies. He served his country with honors. My father never retired as he continued with the Disable Veterns Representative, Commander and Tripler Medical Center. Old Soldiers never die...they live on in those serving. May Saint Michael the guardian saint of the military welcome his loyal "soldier" to his command. My Daddy I miss you every p####ing second. A hi hou malama pono Bernadette
U.S Army Retired

Bernadette KN Kovalsick (Wise) From Edgewood Maryland, United States

05:52:28 5/13/2003


s bradley
14:40:36 4/18/2003
Last visit was Memorial Day, 1999.
Thank you for this site. Sam & EllaBelle Smith, Pearl Harbor Survivors died in 1994 and 1996, buried at San Joaquin Natl Cemetery, CA Aloha

s bradley From CA, US

Steve Pavick Jr.
10:49:21 4/08/2003
Thank you.

Steve Pavick Jr. From Ellwood City, Pa., USA

Joyce Relaford Clark
15:36:47 3/31/2003
In memory of Ellis B. Granger, MIA 8 March 1945, 500th BG MACR 12936 ditched, Pacific Ocean. I'll never forget ice cream cones on Saturday afternoon. "In the realm of the deep, may you rest in final sleep."

Joyce Relaford Clark From Palo Alto, CA., U.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Freese
19:47:16 3/17/2003
We have visited the punchbowl,for my wife and I both have brothers buried there, both K.I.A. on Okinawa. I too, am a disabled veteran of the pacific, and I have a difficult time controlling my emotions, as we visited, and view your wonderful website.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Freese , U.S.A.

Kathy Leyshon
23:28:02 3/16/2003
Beautiful photographs! You've done a great job with this website.

Kathy Leyshon From Kailua, HI

Peter Fox
17:47:34 3/02/2003
Looks magnificent.
Regional Managr
Aust.War Gaves Nth.Qld

Peter Fox From Townsville North Queensland, Australia

Roy C. Thomas
21:36:41 1/08/2003
Beautiful website...The Punchbowl cemetery came up as a subject of discussion on 1/8/03 on the "TinCanSailors" chat room. I have picture taken in 1954 that I'm fairly sure is of Punchbowl, but not certain...would be happy to submit it for confirmaion...Roy C. Thomas SO1 USN
USS O'Brien DD-725
(A loooooooooooooong time ago)

Roy C. Thomas From Newark CA, USA

Bruce D. Dyer - USN - MACV Saigon 69-70
15:01:31 12/04/2002
Remembering my cl####mate - Roosevelt High School, Honolulu cl#### of "66"
Rest in peace Algernon!

Bruce D. Dyer - USN - MACV Saigon 69-70 From Susanville, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Mark J. Rosenblum
13:05:04 11/18/2002
I just found out today that my cousin Ben Kozloff (who was KIA aboard the USS Ingersoll 15 June 1944), has a marker located at Honolulu Memorial... at least it is something visual that I might be able to view someday! Thank you -

Mark J. Rosenblum From St. Louis, Missouri, United States